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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy




By  using our website, you agree with these terms of use and with the conditions described in the privacy policy.


When Registering, we ask for some necessary information provided by the client himself (name, delivery address, telephone number and others), in order to let him place an order . Our clients Record is not shared or divulged, and is used just to provide a good such as delivery, collection and participation in promotions. Such information could be used to elaborate generic statistics, allowing us to improve our service.


We send e-mails including info related to the Registered account and the orders placed, to our clients .E-mails related to promotions could also be sent upon client’s request. In case the client wants to cancel this contact, he should ask to cancel it by sending an e-mail to info@danielbotelho.com.


All the information and pictures contained in this website and all the products for sale , belong to Daniel Botelho. Therefore, they cannot be altered, copied or removed.


We use cookies ,which are non personal data stored in your computer by the Internet browser. Cookies are the browsing history that allow us to keep the items stored in your cart among your purchases and making your purchasing experience more personalized.


We do not keep any financial data of our clients. We use Paypal and Pagseguro companies to confirm your purchase. Credit Card data are not shared with our company, and they’re protected with a rigorous cryptographic system held by the chosen companies: Paypal and Pagseguro.




Purchasing any product in the online store www.store.danielbotelho.com, which belongs toUnderwater Contemporary, holding CNPJ (National Register of Corporate Taxpayers) nr : 18.693.364/0001-60, implies the customer’s agreement with all the terms and conditions described in this Agreement.


Taking into consideration:


(i)                  Underwater Contemporary is an online store that sells products via the Internet.

(ii)                The User declares his being acting in good faith and legally capable to accept this Agreement , also declaring he fully understood , read and agrees with all the terms and conditions explained here;


Purchasing procedures

First Clause : After placing an order for a product in the online store, the User should wait for the e-mail notification in which he will be informed about the confirmation of the requested transaction (Transaction) .


First Paragraph: Underwater Contemporary reserves the right to refuse “Purchasing” procedure in the following cases: (i) Users Register data not correct or valid., (ii)Fraud, bad faith, non-compliance by User with the terms and conditions hereof ,misuse of rights ,and/or any other situation implying breaching of any Legal transaction,(ii) And/or in case the purchase is not authorised and/or transaction isn’t approved for any reason, by the financial institutions and partner companies that deal with processing your payment, such as Paypal and Pagseguro, and /or (iv)any other situation foreseen according to applicable Laws.


Second Clause : Value of “Purchasing” will be informed in the confirmation e-mail, and the User will be provided with Methods of Payment, as seen in the website www.store.danielbotelho.com when the “Purchasing” is done.


First Paragraph: Payment using Credit card may not be approved if the card’s owner data is not compatible.


Return a product due to change in the User’s mind

Third Clause: Returning products due to change in User´s mind could be done within 30(thirty) running days of receipt.


First Paragraph: In the event the User wants to return the product due to a change in mind ,he shall notify this by e-mail to info@danielbotelho.com, informing the corresponding Purchase Order number, and wait for the confirmation arrival and new instructions to proceed with the Return process.


Second Paragraph: Refund will take place in the same way and with the same currency that were used in “Purchasing” transaction. The User should receive the refund for the price of the product, including the amount paid for Shipping, if applicable.


Third Paragraph : Returning a product, as seen above, will only be approved by Underwater Contemporary after checking (i) return of the product to the Distribution Center; ,(ii)confirmation by Underwater Contemporary, that the product was returned without being used, in the original package, together with all the tags, manuals, accessories ,and invoice; (iii) approval of change or return by Quality Control Department in Underwater Contemporary will only be accepted after checking the product. This will be done within 5(five) working days after the product is received in the Distribution Center.


Fourth Paragraph: In the event the User wants a Return for change of mind not following this Clause or Agreement and/or any discrepancy or violation is found in the returned product, Underwater Contemporary shall not accept the Return and the Refund will not be done. We will return the product to the User without any previous communication.


Replacing damaged or faulty products

Fourth Clause: Replacing defective or faulty products could be done if the Request for the replacement is asked for within 30 (thirty) days after the faulty product returned is received in Underwater Contemporary.

First Paragraph: In order to effectively replace a product, the User should notify Underwater Contemporary by the following e-mail info@danielbotelho.com , and provide the Purchase Order Number . After that ,the User should wait for further confirmation and instructions on how the Replacement will be done.


Second Paragraph: The User can choose the option of replacing the product purchased in “ Purchasing” with another product available on the site .Underwater Contemporary will not charge the User with the Replacement Shipping, but the value of Replacement will not include the value paid for the Shipping in the Purchasing instance, if applicable.


Third Paragraph : Replacement dealt with in this clause will only be approved by Underwater Contemporary after checking (i) Return of product to the Distribution Center :(ii) Confirmation by Underwater Contemporary that the product was returned together with Manuals, accessories and invoice : (iii)approval of replacement or return, done by Quality Control Department after analysis within 5(five) working days after the product is received in the Distribution Center.


Fifth Paragraph: In case the User doesn’t follow this Clause to replace a product and/or any discrepancy or violation of the product is found, Return will not be accepted and the product will be returned to the User without previous communication.


Sixth Paragraph: The user will be in charge of returning the product to the Distribution Center when Replacing or changing the mind. If the product is Faulty or Damaged , shipping cost will be Underwater Contemporary’s responsibility.


Refunding payment time limits

Fifith Clause : Cancelling a Credit Card payment will be done in the same Credit Card that was used to purchase the product and it will be seen by the User within 2(two)invoices period after Replace or Return have been concluded .This could vary depending on the Credit Card due date and it will be done through a deposit in the Credit Card owner Current Account within 5(five)Working Days after Replace or Return Have been concluded .Under no circumstance will Underwater Contemporary refund the User in an account different from the one used in Purchasing act.


Products on Promotion


Sixth Clause : If a product on Promotion needs Replace or Refund, the price considered will be the real price paid by the User and not the original price .


Delivery Dates and Conditions

Seventh Clause : Our products will be delivered following the standards of the Delivery Service Company chosen when purchasing them. Delivery period will start within 5 to 10 Working days after the confirmation of payment by the Financial Institution.


First Paragraph: The parcel delivery system is being carried by the following companies: Fedex and Correios, as chosen by the User and the availability of service in your region.


Second Paragraph : Products can be delivered to third parties such as Janitors or relatives.


Third Paragraph: After the invoice is released, it will not be possible to make any change in the delivery address provided.


Fourth Paragraph: Delivery will not happen within the stipulated period if (i) User or chosen person are not present in the address provided, (ii) Address data provided is incorrect, (iii) User doesn’t accept product,(iv)User changed address, and any event of Force Majeure, such as floods, hurricanes, natural disasters ,large-scale accidents, strikes or other situations that do not let delivery be accomplished.


Eight Clause: Relationship between Underwater Contemporary and the User is ruled by Legislation applicable to consumer relations in Brazilian territory and by conditions established in this Agreement.



Ninth Clause: The chosen Forum to state any issue regarding this Agreement will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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